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what if you could have the green thumb of your dreams?

without adding *more stress* to your life or wasting
more money on plants that die!


There are some amazing side effects to incorporating plants (back) into your life, especially when your approach is grounded in daily rituals and joyfulness.


once a plant killer, always a plant killer

We’ve all killed plants (some of us more than others) and that can play head games with us, making us feel like permanent failures in this department, or that becoming a Green Thumb is not within our capacity.

i'm here to change that.

here's a glimpse into your future...

  • You understand your plants intuitively, and don't stress about the "rules".
  • You look forward to your daily plant sessions. It's not just something to "do", it's a time to "be".
  • There's a ripple effect of appreciation and happiness in your life.
  • Oh yeah! You have the indoor oasis of your dreams. You still have plant mishaps, but you're pretty chill about it.

are we a good fit?

Should you join Plant Killer Rehab? Is it a good fit for you?

Let's find out if we're a match!


  • You typically neglect or overwater your plants.
  • You or your partner has banned you from buying more plants.
  • You've felt anxious about following the plant "rules" correctly.
  • Even though you're really busy, you you want to try again with plants.
  • You crave a connection with nature and think the mental health benefits would be good for you.
  • You'd love a plant shopping spree (just like this photo) where you have fun & feel confident in your investment!

with so much time spent at home, this is the moment to make plants part of your health and happiness.

A simple and intuitive approach to plant care that will get you and your plants thriving! CLOSED UNTIL AFTER BLACK FRIDAY!

Plant Killer Rehab is everything you need to:

  • Feel confident in your plant skills and free from worry!
  • Integrate your learning in just a few minutes a day.
  • Enjoy your life more because of plants!
  • Grow your home oasis and connect to nature!


Black Friday!









  • The C.U.E.S Framework for more intuitive plant care (Value $40)
  • The Trifecta: Connecting Your Plants, Habits & Daily Rituals for Better Health  (Value $40)

  •  Three recorded meditations and yoga flows to reduce stress and connect to nature  (Value $60)

  •  The Plantiful Life Journal (Value $35)

  •  My Living Decor Vision and Project Planner (Value $40)

  •  The Marvellously Simple Guide to Growing Plants (Value $35)

  •  Priority email access to Sarah for two weeks after your purchase (Value $40)

    Value $290 >> You get all this in the BASIC PACKAGE for $141 taxes included!


Module one

introduction to C.U.E.S.

Let go of the belief that more YouTube knowledge is the answer to your plant killer woes. The c.u.e.s. approach affirms that everything you need is already within you. This will make you feel liberated and excited to try again. . . but differently.

  • curiosity: make observations, ask questions, make hypotheses
  • understanding: what you bring to the relationship; the habitat of your plant
  • expectations: letting go of perfectionism; being ok with trial and error, death and dormancy
  • simplicity: create daily rituals you enjoy and systems for care, developing a mental “short hand” for your plants' needs and behaviours as you gain experience

Module two

the "you" factor

This isn’t a Tinder hook up 😉. Plants come into your home and you want them to stay! What are you bringing to the relationship?

  • When you stop thinking, "these are just plants", and switch it with "these are symbolic of how I want to live my life", you'll definitely pay more attention to them!
  • When your life starts to get chaotic, reconnecting to your "big why" helps you get back on track.
  • Have some fun analyzing your plant parenting personality
  • We begin to use the Journal for reflection and observing our plants.

Module three


"You do not rise to the level of your goals, you fall to the level of your systems." James Clear in Atomic Habits

And what are systems? They're simply linked habits. 

  • Experience the power of linking plant care to morning or evening rituals you already enjoy.
  • Use habit stacking to create plant care systems that work with your life.
  • Feel more organized, or "in the flow" in other areas of your life as a nice ripple effect!

Module four


Create a plan to ditch the joy stealers in your life. Can you replace them with joy givers? How can plants be a part of that?

  • Sketch out a Plantiful Life vision. Plants can be an integral part of living your healthy and happy life.
  • Reduce your stress by spending time just "being" with your plants, not "doing".
  • Increase your mental energy by connecting to your indoor nature.
  • We add deep breathing, meditation or chair yoga to the daily Journal exercises.

Module five

your healthy & plantiful home

Now that you're feeling more confident in your plant care and enjoying the benefits of stress reduction, make it a physical reality in your home!

  • Use the Living Decor Vision and Project Planner to bring plant benefits to your oasis -- just take it one room at a time!
  • Book a virtual styling session with Sarah to brainstorm innovative ideas for plant "decor" while making sure you're creating the best environment for your green friends.

Isn't it about time you tried again? You have a suite of options to get you to your green thumb faster...

let's dive into your package options

plantiful life journal & plant tracker

Do you enjoy pen and paper? Then this is the option for you! The journal is spiral bound, printed in colour and delivered to your door. It includes all the reflections, activities and guides for the course (which are all downloadable PDFs with The Basic option), as well as blank entries so you can keep all your future plant care guides in one place and track when you've watered and fertilized.

comes with the Leaf Tracker & The Works packages.

cute trio of starter plants

No need to delay! Get your plants to practice with right away. Includes Spider Plant (great air purifier, propagates easily), Polkadot Plant (pretty and is very clear about watering needs), and Peperomia Watermelon (very tolerant, propagates easily). Comes with 12 litre dry mix of organic fertilizer. All are pet-friendly. 🐱 🐶 🐰 

Comes with the works package. limited supply!

virtual plant styling session with moi!

Have a burning question about how to build a harmonious decor with plants? Lighting, layering and creating the right environment for your plants to thrive is just as important as "the look". Whether you're going for the minimalist, boho, or country chic look, I can help you bring your decor alive and increase your sense of wellbeing at the same time!

add it at checkout ✔️ with all packages.

psst. . . one more amazing bonus!

At Petit Soleil (my houseplant business, in case you didn't catch that yet) we believe in doing our part for the planet. Our packaging is repurposed, all our plant tonics and elixirs are non-toxic and fully biodegradable, and we try to reduce our plastic use wherever possible.

However, it's almost impossible to avoid the plastic pots that plants are gown in at the nursery. 

We take them back to the growers for reuse, but we want to do better! That's why we want to support organizations who are working hard to address the barriers to stopping plastic from being used in the first place.

For every course of Plant Killer Rehab sold, we will give $1 to Environmental Defence's 'Ending Plastic Pollution' Campaign.


are you ready?

*prices include taxes, postage and delivery*



Get all the modules with video, PDF downloads, and audio meditation & yoga flows. Anywhere on the planet!
*taxes included




Get everything in the Basic Plan + a full colour Plantiful Life Journal & Tracker. Postage included within Canada.
*taxes included




You get it all! Course, full colour Journal + Trio of Starter Plants delivered to your door. Greater Toronto Area only.
*taxes included


you’re protected with our money back guarantee

While I don’t promise that you will never kill another plant, I do guarantee that you will have more overall success. You'll also be more open to trial and error, more observant and curious, and much happier in your plant parenting journey. So, take 14 days to do all the activities and watch all the videos. If you still don’t notice a change in your confidence, or progress on your healthy life habits, I will give you a 100% refund.

Imagine starting your day with plants, coffee in hand, taking a few deep breaths. You are calm and feel ready.

don't believe me yet?

In just a little under a year, I've gone from raising my own houseplants, to buying, inspecting, caring for, researching, and educating customers on 100s of plants. So in some respects, I'm a learner, just like you!

I also sell my plants at two consignment locations and I have to educate staff on how to care for the plants while they are in the shop (and they might not be plant people at all!)

Just check out some of the DMs I get on Instagram.

I like helping people figure out their plants.

Yes, I've had to learn tons more about house plants for this job, but it's also very helpful that I can draw on my experience as a lifelong gardener and my formal training in ecology. 

At the heart, I'm a teacher. 

I really like building up people's confidence and tapping into core motivations, so that they can create something that lasts.


no one else teaches plant care this way

Most resources for new or struggling plant parents focus on the technical learning -- the science and “how tos”. While these are invaluable resources, the assumption is, “if you know enough and you follow these steps, you’ll be successful.” And that just isn’t true. 

Despite the dry humour of “Plant Killer Rehab”, what I do is gently turn the mirror back on you. Your personality, habits and mindset are all variables in becoming a Green Thumb. I also help you explore a more intuitive approach to learning about your plants and how to care for them. Other courses just don’t go there.

As a teacher who loves ecology and also happens to geek-out on holistic health and personal development, I’m all for it.

how it started/ how it's going

I haven’t always had hordes of plants in my home.

In January 2019 I got my first succulent cuttings from a friend and was fascinated.

This marked the beginning of my thing with houseplants. Before that I’d gardened every summer and also have a background in ecology.

I used that knowledge (and a wee bit of Google and reading) to teach myself how to observe and care for my new plants.

I wasn't always very successful, but trial and error is a part of it, so I kept going.

Fast forward to December 2020. In lockdown, I started Petit Soleil Studio to sell beautiful plants in artisan pots, baskets and macramé. I really was longing to do something with my hands that would bring me joy, and bring other people joy. 

In less than a year, I’ve sold 100s of plants, developed my own pest control and fertilizer to sell, and run planting workshops for kids and yogis.

I’ve done most of this from a repurposed bedroom, which is greenhouse and photo set, garage and back patio. I’m now expanding into two local consignment shops.

And to make it full circle, I’ve brought my teaching skills to it, too. It was just a matter of time!

Thanks for sharing my journey!


what do my plant customers say?

"this gave me confidence"

. . . what was most intriguing was how informative each social media post was. So much time and effort goes into each plant and plant care description, as a customer going that extra mile is extremely appreciated. Sarah is extremely easy to talk to and her customer service is above and beyond. She revived my aloe plants with the repotting service and pointed me in the right direction on how to do it myself with my prayer plant. This gave me the confidence to rescue my own plants, which I am extremely grateful for.”

Kristine Foster

"Sarah is incredibly supportive"

Obsessed with the two plants I have from Petit Soleil and am eager to buy more! Sarah is incredibly supportive with helping me decide which plants to buy based on my experience, lifestyle, and home aesthetic. I’ve had these two plants for a couple months now and they are thriving with the advice of Sarah. The unique pots, the quality of plants, and the customer service at Petit Soleil are exceptional! I recommend them to anyone looking for beautiful new plants for their home.

Valerie LaVigne

"she is willing to listen to any and all plant-parent problems"

Sarah is extremely knowledgeable about plants and what they need (or don’t need!) Her services are easy to use and she is willing to listen to any and all plant-parent problems. Thank you Sarah!

Kristin Szabo

"great rapport even after purchase"

As new houseplants enthusiasts, we are already repeat customers of Petit Soleil.  The plants are of good quality and beautifully potted in unique, fun pots! At one of our drop-off arrangements, Sarah was super constructive in helping us identify a plant we've had for years.  She is very knowledgeable and maintains great rapport with her customers even after the purchases.  We appreciate the plant advice!

Carolyn and Allen


Black Friday!